As part of Cultural Exchanges Festival at De Montfort University, together with Andy Hurst, I will once again present Etched:

The performance is the result of a collaboration between theatre technician and physical theatre performer. The work tests the intersection between physical movement, projected dynamic light structures and generated sound. With standard data projectors as the main instrument for generating light, the piece brings together the physical body and the ephemeral, yet simultaneously tangible scenographic architecture created when light is projected through dense theatrical haze. The piece promotes the technician as performer or lighting artist, working in concert with the physical body in the space: he 'draws' the projected light on or into the stage space using an iPad as a control surface. Influenced by the projection installations of Anthony McCall and with the design ethos of Adolphe Appia, Edward Gordon Craig and Josef Svoboda firmly in mind, Etched creates and ever-evolving performance landscape that constantly redefines the limits of space, whilst playing with audience perception of boundary, depth and materiality. Dramaturgically, the performance exists within a moment of expanded time as a young woman endures the horrific act of an acid attack.

4pm in PACE Studio 2, De Montfort University.