As part of The Shape of Things to Come, work-in-progress festival at Camden People's Theatre (London), Double Trouble (aka Miriam Gould and Judita Vivas) present 'Adventures in Black and White'.

Showing on 21st and 22nd of November, 7.15 pm. Book your tickets here.

A show about displacement, exploring migration, belonging and relation to one’s heritage. Enter a dusty space where the ghosts of displacement flicker in and out of focus. Voices have travelled across seas and decades to tell you their stories. Discarded clothes and fading photographs come to life for an instant only to be lost in the heap again. 

Judita’s grandparents were exiled from Lithuania to Siberia by the Soviets; Miriam’s fled from Vienna to America from the Nazis. They have grown up with the narrative of displacement in their bones and the consequences still rippling through their families. They have also displaced themselves and are now confronting notions of home, memory and loss. 

Double Trouble take the audience on a journey using their grandparents’ diaries and photographs, their own personal stories, physical imagery and playfulness. It is a show that touches both the dark and the light and allows space for the absurd.