Photographs from the past, journeys of the present - stories of displacement told through changing voices, languages, images and sound. Exploring the mischievous and the irreverent in the face of tragedy.

There is an emphasis on food, or lack thereof. An attempt to understand the meaning of home. An investigation into relationships in extreme, even traumatic, circumstances. What does being displaced do to you, now and as you grow older?

An artistic response to the ongoing refugee crisis that heavily draws on the complexity of autobiographical memory and history. We look at children in exile, based on real stories (past and contemporary): memories of the Kindertransport in WWII, handwritten diaries dating from the deportation to Siberia under Soviet rule and accounts from refugee camps and detention centres in Europe today.

The premise of Adventures in Black and White is very personal and autobiographical. However, its journey is one of creating possibilities for the audience to meet the challenging stories and their realities through sharing the mundane, the ridiculous, the mischievous and the irreverent in the face of tragedy.

Part of Starting Blocks, Sprint Festival 2017 at the Camden People's Theatre, London.

19th of March, 5pm, £12/£10

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