After a great run at Camden People’s Theatre part of “No Direction Home” festival, where the show got some amazing reviews and four stars (!!!), we performing at this year’s Voila! Europe Festival!

14th and 16th of November, 8:45pm at Applecart Arts

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“The piece expressively evokes the emotions of being uprooted, lost, trying to cement selfhood from fragments of lives….A particularly timely topic.…the poignancy of individual experiences and feelings.” (Catherine Sedgwick The Upcoming)

It starts with a conversation that never happened.

Stasys and Lilly face each other, unwilling to talk about their exile. But from within the spaces between their words and the seams that hold their patchwork clothes together, images come to life.

Both thoughtful and mischievous, 'Adventures' brims with storytelling, translated diaries, sound- and image-scapes, and cake.

Photo: Nina Carrington; Image design: Elena Skreka

Photo: Nina Carrington; Image design: Elena Skreka