Past Performance Projects


Mr Jordan's Funeral: In Absence of His Memory

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Mr Jordan’s Funeral is the first performance by Foxtale Ensemble (international female theatre collective founded by Judita Vivas). It is a poetic re-imagining of death and memories one leaves behind - told by six women who gather at the funeral. This funeral embodies a fictional space that reflects our understanding of memory and remembrance: both a psychic landscape and an actual event permeated with inverted rules, clicking cups, strawberry-juice-infused sexual fantasies, childhood memories, outrageous dancing and hallucinations of a crime committed a long time ago. Without an obvious narrative structure, the performance is composed out of a selection of separate scenes that fuse physical movement, evocative imagery, recycled soundscapes  and fragments of text. The separate scenes are then tied together through the idea of a bale of memories one leaves behind: distant voices from the past and present that accidentally slip through the cracks of memory. 

Performed in Canterbury (2015-2016), Brighton Fringe 2016 and Camden Fringe 2016.

Reviews: Paul Hegarty TheatreBubble, Views from the Gods, Liam Flemming

Photos: Larah Simpson and Nickolai D. Nickolov 




Etched was the result of a research collaboration between Andy Hurst and Judita Vivas. The work tested the intersection between physical movement, projected dynamic light structures and generated sound. Without a narrative structure, the performance existed within a moment of expanded time as a young woman endures the horrific act of an acid attack.

Sounds New Festival (Canterbury, UK), University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) and Cultural Exchanges Festival (Leicester, UK), 2014-2016. 


Comings and Goings

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A performance project inspired by Megan Terry's play "Comings and Goings" devised together with a group of BA students at the University of Kent. The work explored working with repetitive movement sequences, text and object work. Performed in 2014 at Jarman Studio, Canterbury, UK.

Photos: Verity Tan Photography


Martyr Red


Co-created by Frank Camilleri and Judita Vivas, Martyr Red was Icarus Project’s new performance since 2007. Work-in-progress presentations were held at the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) in May 2013. The final piece was then performed at the University of Huddersfield in October and MITP in Valletta, Malta in November 2013.

Performance review: Paul Xuereb 'Diseased Sex and Its Martyrs'

Photos: Jeremy de Maria


Duration 56

Photo: Sandro Spina

Photo: Sandro Spina

Icarus Performance Project's installation created by Frank Camilleri, with Timothy Slater, Robert Klarmann and Judita Vivas (nee Vitkauskaite). Exploring duration, repetition and improvisation. Malta, 2008. More details here

Photos: Jeremy de Maria


A Place with the Pigs

A play by Athol Fugard, co-devised and co-performed with Robert Klarmann, stage design by Timothy Slater. Aphra Studio, Canterbury, UK, 2007.