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Actress, physical theatre artist and teacher




Judita Vivas is a Lithuanian actress, performer and physical theatre artist.

Her creative work has drawn on real stories, mythologies and (auto)biographical narratives. Judita combines movement, experimentation with text collages, tangible aesthetic materials and sensitivity to inner and outer body. The resulting performances are physically and visually dynamic, and often involve making a lot of (artistic) mess on stage or of herself.    

Since 2008, Judita has co-devised and performed in a large number of performances and theatre projects, collaborated with multi-media artists and worked with various international performance practitioners, including Bill Hopkinson (theatre director and teacher, UK), Electa Behrens (associate professor of voice, USA/Norway), Frank Camilleri (physical theatre practitioner and academic, Malta), John Britton (theatre performer, director and teacher, DUENDE) and Gey Pin Ang (theatre practitioner, Sourcing Within, Singapore).

She is a founder and Co-Director of Foxtale Ensemble, an international female theatre collective, as well as Double Trouble, a theatre duo with Miriam Gould. 

Judita is an Associate Artist at DUENDE, a Research Collaborator on Icarus Performance Project (Malta), has a PhD in theatre studies from the University of Kent, and regularly leads physical theatre classes and workshops.


My Work

My Work

My Work

My physical theatre practice encompasses rigorous physical and vocal training, work with improvisation, text and objects as well as ensemble and partner work. With a special attention to inner awareness, outer impulses, play and the flow of energy, my approach serves to sensitise the body and its responsiveness, thus enriching the physical presence of a solo performer or ensemble.  


The performance work I create is physical, visual, energetic and visceral. Underlined by contemporary performance devising techniques and thinking, the work shifts between presence and representation, layers mythologies with fictional stories and real narratives, and looks for surprising uses of movement, music and objects in order to produce lively and thought-provoking pieces of theatre.  

My recent performances have drawn on real events (Etched), experimentation with text collages (Comings and Goings; Mr Jordan's Funeral), magical feminism (Seven Petticoats) and autobiographical material (my grandparents' deportation to Siberia in Adventures in Black and White). 


My teaching and workshops are firmly grounded in physical approach to theatre training. I apply techniques and exercises that challenge performer's stamina, stimulate her focus and the overall presence with the aim to increase the range of physical and vocal expression. Focusing on interoception and staying in the 'here and now', thus remaining open to the internal and external stimuli, the practical work is physically demanding, yet also playful, improvisational and spontaneous in nature.

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I am always happy to lead a workshop, contact me for more information and rates.


My academic research questions the status of human body in contemporary Western culture and performance. With an emphasis on deliberate display and materiality, I explore new corporeal manifestations and argue for a closer look at the material layer of the body.

Publications: Vivas, J. (2016) 'A Response to DUENDE's Pedagogy: Giving Yourself Permission', Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Blog

Hurst A. and Vivas J. (2016) 'iPad Svoboda: The Physical Theatre of Projected Light' in Inhabiting The Meta Visual: Contemporary Performance Themes, ed. by H. G. Markstein and A. M. Steijn, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press

Vivas, J. (2015) 'Dramaturgies of the Naked Skin: Homo Nudus Plays Sexuality', Platform, 9:1, pp. 12-29 


Short Bio

Short Bio

Short Bio



2016 Performing at the Edge #5, with John Britton, Eva Tsourou and Aliki Dourmazer (DUENDE), Lesvos, Greece.

2015 Collective Creation for Solo Performers, with John Britton (DUENDE), Au Brana, France.

2015 Intensive workshop with SITI Company (Suzuki and Viewpoints), Falmouth, UK.

2014 Collective Creation for Solo Performers, with John Britton (DUENDE), Au Brana, France.

2014 'Self-With-Others', workshop with John Britton (DUENDE), Leeds, UK.

2011-12 Vocal Action, with Electa Behrens, Canterbury, UK.

2010 Intensive workshop with Teatr Zar (Theatre Zar), Wroclaw, Poland.

2009 Workshops at the Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT), Moscow, Russia.

2008-present Training and devising with Icarus Performance Project, Malta and UK.

2006-07 Training and devising Ludd with Bill Hopkinson, Canterbury, UK.

2005-09 MDrama at the University of Kent, specialising in Contemporary Performance Practice, Canterbury, UK. 



2017 Adventures in Black and White with Double Trouble, in development, supported by Camden People's Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre (London, UK).

2017 Daphne, multimedia project with Dr Rosemary Klich (Canterbury, UK) and Foxtale, in development, supported by Arts Council England. 

2016-17  Herring Girls, performance project with dance artist Vicci Riley (LIC Studio, Bluecoat Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK), in development.   

2016 -17 Seven Petticoats, Lumley Studio (Canterbury, UK), Herstory Festival (London, UK), Chester University (Chester, UK), Drayton Arms Theatre (London, UK), Art Factory (Athens, Greece), Lithuanian National Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania).

2016 Foxtale collaboration with Spun Glass Theatre, Jessica Cheetham and Simon Magnus (Aphra Studio, Canterbury, UK).  

2015-16 Mr Jordan's Funeral: In Absence of His Memory, Aphra Studio, Kent School of Arts Summer Festival, (Canterbury, UK), Brighton Fringe 2016 and Camden Fringe 2016.

2014 Comings and Goings, Jarman Studio (Canterbury, UK).

2013 Founded Foxtale.

2013-16 Etched with Andy Hurst, Sounds New Festival, Anselm Studio (Canterbury, UK), Tadeusz Kantor Festival, Lumley Studio (Canterbury, UK), Cultural Exchanges Festival 2016 (Leicester, UK). 

2012-2013 Martyr Red with Frank Camilleri, Icarus Performance Project, Jarman Studio (Canterbury, UK), University of Huddersfield (UK), MITP (Valletta, Malta).

2011 Vocal Action with Electa Behrens (Canterbury, UK).

2009 Big Love or A Dark and Violent World of Mr Fight-A-Lot, Aphra Studio (Canterbury, UK).

2008 Fortunate Traveller, Lumley Studio (Canterbury, UK)

2008 Duration 56, Icarus Performance Project (Malta). 

2007 My House was Collapsing Toward One Side with Jill Rutland (Canterbury, UK).

2007 A Place with the Pigs with Rob Klarmann (Canterbury, UK). 

2006-07 Ludd directed by Bill Hopkinson (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania).

2006 Butterfly Graveyards (Canterbury, UK).

2006 Cecilia: for one nite only (Canterbury, UK).



2012 – 2016 PhD, University of Kent, European Theatre Research Network.

2010 – 2012 MA European Theatre, University of Kent.

2005 – 2009 MDrama, University of Kent.